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file uploading instructions

Information to help us serve you better

  • Color Vu accepts files created within Adobe® Illustrator®

  • Convert all fonts within your file to outline.
    (Choose "Create Outlines", located under "Type" in Illustrator's menu bar)

  • Specify all colors within your file as Pantone® coated, uncoated, metallic, or pastel only.
    (Choose from "Swatch Libraries", located under "Window" in Illustrator's menu bar).

  • Please create a composite file with each color appearing in its own separate layer .
    (Choose "Layers", located under "Window" in Illustrator's menu bar).

  • If *WHITE is one of your colors, please specify it as solid coated Bright PINK.
    (Choose from "Swatch Libraries", located under 'Window" in Illustrator's menu bar).
    *white is not visible

  • If your file contains only one color, you can either specify it as the actual Pantone® equivalent your transfer requires, or you can specify it as black.
    (If you do this, please remember to send an email message indicating the Pantone® color required).

  • If your file has dots or gradations of color, please send it to us as a CMYK.
    (Choose "Color", "Convert to CMYK", located under "Filter" in Illustrator's menu bar).

  • Save your file as an Illustrator EPS file (version CC17 or less). We can also take a .pdf file if that's all you have.

  • "Zip" or compress your file and then click on the icon "Request a Quote", to access our email.

Besides your file attachment, please be sure to include detailed instructions for your dry transfer requirements; including size, quantity, and a list of the Pantone® colors you selected within the file.

For files containing more than 1 color, it is always advised to send a duplicate attachment of your file in separated PDF format, so we can verify all the colors correctly.

You can also fax a detailed hard copy of your file to us at: 817-328-3901
Please include all shipping and billing info, including purchase order #'s, credit card information, Fedex account #, contact name, phone #, turnaround required, etc.

You can include this info in your email, or call us with it at: 888-868-7848, or fax it to us at: 817-328-3901.

Production of your file:
  • Some files require Color Vu's attention when issues like trapping are necessary, sizing is not scaled properly, or colors are not specified correctly. Color Vu will determine the amount of time involved to correct your file and will call you prior to producing the transfer of your file with an estimate.

  • Do you have any delicate lines or fonts within your file?
    Color Vu cannot guarantee holding any lines under .25 point and any detailed type containing delicate scripts or serifs.
Turnaround Time

Standard: 3 Days from receipt of files.
48 Hour Rush (Rush fee applies)
24 Hour Rush (Rush fee applies)

Rush charges may apply for any file coming in after 3:00 p.m. (CMT).

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