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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find all of the answers to our frequently asked questions. Just click your question, and you will be guided to your answer. If your question is not covered in our FAQ section, please feel free to use our contact form to submit your question or call us at our office headquarters and a memeber of the Color Vu team will be happy to assist you.

What are Custom Rub On Transfers?

A Custom Transfer is a graphic that is recreated in actual paint and/or foils, backed with an adhesive, and covered with a protective coating until it is applied to a surface. It applies similar to a sticker. You pull the backing sheet off, place it where it is going to be applied, carefully rub it down onto that surface, then slowly peel back the top protective carrier coating and your left with a graphic that looks just as if it was painted on to the surface. In some cases even seasoned professionals can't tell the difference. These graphics are generally referred to within the industry as dry transfers, rub-on, INT's, rub ons, rubdown, or cromatecs. They are used widely across the board in just about every type of product development industry.

How quickly can I get my order?

Time is always critical, especially when you're building a prototype and running tight against your completion deadline. Our dry transfers are typically sent overnight so that you can have them the next business day. Color Vu strives to get our orders out to you as quickly as we can with the highest level of quality. Color Vu offers quick turns (within 24 hrs) and 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed!

Please Note: Some orders may take longer due to complexity, file corrections needed, design times, quantity ordered, delays due to ordering materials, shipping company delays or other various factors.

Why are Custom Rub On Transfers used so much?

In the business of producing appearance or prototype models the time line from design to final product is often very short. Custom Rub On Transfers can be applied primarily to appearance or prototype models to give them a certain look as if they have been screen printed, pad printed or foil stamped. These graphics and/or text can give any product or prototype a finished tangible look and feel. Your product will seem as if it's already been professionally manufactured, making it that much easier to sell at its debut presentation. Additionally, your client will feel much more confident during their presentation due to the product's enhanced look. Our product is fast; in most cases you could literally talk to a client on a Monday morning about the design layout and present the product with the graphics to them the next day. Moving fast is an intricate part of today's business and nobody likes sitting around waiting.

What should I know about storing Custom Rub On Transfers?

  • Do not store anything on top of your transfer sheets, as weight pressing down on the transfers could affect their performance.
  • Keep the transfers in a cool, dark and dust free environment. Over time dust/contaminants can attach themselves to the transfer adhesive diminishing the level of tack.
  • Folding or denting the transfer sheets can delaminate or break the product rendering them useless.
  • Keep items from getting in between the transfer carrier sheet and the backing sheet. If items adhere themselves to the adhesive they may prematurely release the transfer from the carrier sheet.
  • We recommend using your transfers within 90 days of purchase for optimum performance although the actual shelf life will vary with product and storage specifics.

I'm new and having a hard first time applying my transfers?

  • Ensure you have washed your hands and wipe the substrate you are going to apply the transfer to of any dust, oils, moisture or other environmental contaminants.
  • Take extra care when burnishing down the transfer by not coming off the edge of the carrier sheet with your burnishing tool or instrument, as it could prematurely move the transfer before it is fully released and tear the transfer.
  • Tape down one side of the transfer, then press/roll your thumb lightly across the transfer as you lay down across the substrate surface, once down, tape down the other side before letting up on the transfer. (It makes it easier to remove the tape if you fold one half of it back on itself, as to make a tab on one side of the tape.)
  • Slowly while verifying each portion of the transfer has released, pull one side of carrier sheet straight out and up away from the surface. Increase the angle slowly while keeping the carrier sheet taught. Do not pull the carrier sheet back on itself as if you're turning a page on a book.

What are Custom Package Comps?

A Custom Package Comp is a color-correct, real paint or optional foil produced comp, that represents the product's true color representation. These comps allow the presenter to show a finished product that has true to manufacturing specification color matching, which at times will give a much more vibrant and energizing presentation. Comps can be ordered as finished assembled comps or as flat uncut or unscored sheets, available in chromecoat or gloss book cover stock, which can then be completed at your site. The majority of these products are used as box comps for retail items in industries such as food and beverage, health and beauty and electronics.