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About Us

What is Color Vu?

Color Vu (pronounced "Color View") manufactures custom "substrate-free" packaging. This type of packaging gives our customers the flexibility to use our product in numerous ways, such as: custom color-correct real paint and/or foil graphics for comp transfers, shrink-wraps, mylar labels and box comps. These comps and comp graphics are used for mock-ups and appearance models. The majority of our work revolves around trade show beauties, tv props for commercials, patent prototypes and modeling shops in large corporations to small innovation companies throughout the US and Canada.

These products can be custom ordered in coated and uncoated Pantone® colors, metallics, CMYKs, pastels, pearlescents, fluorescents, foils, and custom matches to any color.

The History of Color Vu

Color Vu has been providing high quality Dry Transfers and Rub Downs to many satisfied customers over the past twenty years. The initial company was built in Silicon Valley, California, where Color Vu looked to acquire clients in the industrial design market. Color Vu started out there because the Silicon Valley location was, and is still known for, one of the largest condensed areas of product development within corporations and design firms.

Due to the overnight shipping ability of companies like FedEx and UPS, Color Vu has been able to relocate it's manufacturing facility across the country and still maintain the same next business day service that clients desire and/or need. In 2001, Color Vu moved its headquarters to Colorado Springs, Colorado where they maintained operations until the Fall of 2013, when Color Vu made its last move to Dallas, Texas. Color Vu tributes it’s continued success to both the superior products offered and the excellent customer service that comes with each individual job.

Why does Color Vu have such consistent work?

Color Vu has focused on providing customers and companies of all sizes with an astounding product and even better customer care. We have high standards for our employees, and believe that all employees must have an acute eye for detail and a devotion to producing quality work within a short period of time.

We view each product manufactured at Color Vu as a representation of our capabilities and our company as a whole. Because of this, we strive to make your product look the best we can. Maybe that's why so many of our customers come back over and over again. Give us the chance to show you why so many large corporations trust us with their work.

What is new at Color Vu?

We are always looking to stay ahead of our competition and develop/obtain even better products/materials for our customers.

• Color Vu has recently started using an advanced adhesive that goes down easier. Basically, the new adhesive adheres better to a larger variety of substrates and often leaves no residue.